Joint Ventures


Equity Track has opportunities for individuals with a minimum of £30,000.00 available who wish to enjoy a higher return on their finances than by standard banking means. Our belief is that your capital  and our property investment ability makes for a very powerful combination. Such a combination offers you the opportunity to have much greater returns on your invested money than by the usual finance investment options, and in addition is also legally secured. Property Joint Ventures and Investments are replacing cash, stocks, pension or IFA investments and are one of the fastest growing investment strategies in the UK due to guaranteed equity, income and capital growth.  This offers you an improved opportunity to meet your long-term financial goals, and is enhanced with high security of your money.

Joint ventures are now increasingly popular in the residential property market as banks fail to deliver and investors seek new options for profit and income. Setting up partnerships with those who have property knowledge and experience of delivering profit from property has become a recognised commodity. As a result, an investor can decide to invest simply on a peer-to-peer funding basis over a pre-agreed maximum period, or be involved in a joint venture with us in the acquisition of and involvement in residential property projects – both options providing  a healthy return on their capital outlay.

In all cases, all investor funds are secured via a First Charge on the relevant property, and are legally deposited so that Equity Track has no access to any funds except with your prior written agreement and involvement.

In summary, private capital investment in residential UK property presents a win-win situation for everybody. For more in-depth information please fill in and send the contact form opposite.

Examples are as follows:

Full finance of freehold property sites across England.

Site sizes normally range from 6 to 20 properties, and site values range from £250,000.00 to £2.5million per site. We may need to involve several investors with a proportion of the investment returns being made accordingly. Imminent property sales after the site acquisition and the subsequent freehold title value provide for the total net profit. Finance is secured via first charge on title, and the investor either receives a very healthy pre-agreed interest payment on his funds or an apportioned share of the  net profits.

Full finance of freehold reversion purchases.

The exit strategy is the re-sale approximately three to six months after purchase. The investment value would range from £250K to £1m, although far higher values are presented from time to time. Minimum profit to the investor would be a pre-agreed interest sum and their finance is secured via first charge on title.

Investors’ funds are always secured against the relevant property or site and we will always want to discuss all relevant aspects of any particular opportunity in depth before we decide to proceed.

If you are interested in learning more about these investment opportunities, please fill the contact form opposite and we will be pleased to contact you by return.