Ground Rent Valuations

We are the number one ground rent specialists in your area. When it comes to residential ground rent investment, there is nothing we won’t consider. We care about making investments that are as financially beneficial to you as they are to us, with Equity Track on your team you can guarantee that your property investment solutions will be dealt with professionally and efficiently.

The value of ground rents usually depend on the length of the lease. The main source of ground rent value is from income potential. This is particularly true for those with more than 80 years until lease expiry.

Ground rent valuations depend on many factors, particularly their ability to generate income, they are also valued based of a variety of other elements, some of these include:

  • Lease Lengths

A freehold of a building that has unexpired leases of under 80 years will have a value much greater than those with leases of 99 or 125 years.

  • Ground rent paid per flat

This is the value of rent that is paid to the freeholder each year. In most cases, leases will have a graded ground rent that increases each year after a certain point. Ground rent payment structures such as these will increase the valuation of your ground rent significantly.

  • The market value

This figure provides an overview of the market value of one flat or apartment in the building, not including the share of the freehold and will help to judge the overall value of the ground rent for this property.

Whether you’re looking to boost your profits at the end of a property development, or sell your ground rents in advance of development completion, we will value yours fairly and accurately to ensure you receive the profit you deserve. For further information about our ground rent services, or to request a ground rent valuation today – contact our team on 01202 901408.